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Probac 7

Probac 7
Synbiotic (Synbiotic) containing 6 strains of probiotics together with 1 type of prebiotic.

1,900 THB

Who is Probac7 suitable for?

  • People with chronic constipation or diarrhea
  • People with irritable bowel syndrome, feeling uncomfortable after eating
  • People who have indigestion, inflamed acne or feeling fatigued or drowsiness at all time
  • People with stomach inflammation, acid reflux or stomach pain
  • People with vaginal infection
  • People with various allergies
  • People with acne, inflamed sebaceous glands or allergic rash
  • People with immune system problems
  • People who want to delay aging

Special offer for customers who test with us

Receive a cash discount voucher of 300.- for Probac7 or PreBo with your purchase of an intolerance test kit

For customers who have already purchased our intolerance test kit and are interested in ordering Probac7 or PreBo you can contact us to receive a discount voucher via Line chat.

Benefits of Probac7

  • Balances the digestive system, restors intestinal functions
  • Helps for a healthy bowel movement
  • Relieves bloating, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease
  • Expel residual feces from the body
  • Reduce various infections in the vagina
  • Reduces acne, inflamed sebaceous glands or allergic rash
  • Reduces various allergic symptoms
  • Strengthens the immune system and delays aging from within

Probac7 Total Synbiotic product that is superior to general Probiotic

  • With 6 types of probiotic ingredients and pre-biotic (food for probiotic microorganisms) that helps promote the growth of good microorganisms. Creates balance for the digestive system, delays aging.

Every type of probiotic in Probac7 has medical documents supporting it and has been trusted by doctors in leading hospitals

  • Helps to take care of your health, delay aging, reduce acne inflammation and removes fecal residue which may be a cause of colon cancer

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